Thursday, June 18, 2009

Critters abound!

I love animals! Here is a baby bunny
that didn't hop away fast enough.
I accidentally flushed it and five other
siblings out of their nest while I was
mowing the horse pasture. Now they
are all busy eating my mom's beans.
She just had to plant them all a
second time!

This is Scratch the Bantam Rooster and Charlie
the Blue Swede duck. They are inseperable, we
call them the odd couple. Charlie has decided that
he does not like my dad and will "attack" him every
chance he can.

The horse on the left is my mom's baby, Wynflaeda. She is a Tennesse Walker. The horse on the right is my pretty girl, Leaguer. She is an American Quarter Horse.

This pretty thing was caught walking through our
backyard and posed for a picture against her will.

And last but not least a baby oriole. They have their
next built in a maple tree on my parents farm and this
little one decided to be brave and check out
the world outside the nest.

Here is a thought to leave you with today.........."Take an extra deep breath whenever you need it." That little gem it compliments of Dove chocolate! LOL


  1. Way to go....I knew you could do it. The pics are have quite the menagerie of animals at your home, don't you?

  2. Great pics, Meg! :) Thanks for sharing. I look forward to keeping up with you on your blog. :)

    ~ Esther, who may not have signed her name in the previous comment left.

  3. I love all the little critters. Thanks for getting such good photos and sharing with us.